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ISO 39001

ISO 39001

ISO 39001

//Road Safety Management System

ISO 39001
ISO 39001

Certification by AXIA CERT

The ISO 39001 standard for Road Safety Management System promotes the implementation of road safety policy in order to implement strategies that are in line with Road Safety criteria. ISO 39001 helps the company reduce road accidents, by reducing operating costs, avoiding unsafe driving fines and compensation, and adopting an overall road safety culture. A business that is compliant with the requirements of the standard can obtain an ISO 39001 Road Safety Management System Certificate after a successful assessment by the independent certification body AXIA CERT. The Management System Certification Body AXIA CERT has been approved by the Hellenic Accreditation System (E.SY.D.) to carry out certification services, demonstrating the independence and impartiality required of a Body.

The implementation and certification of the international standard ISO 39001, offers:
– Identification and response to threats related to the company’s activities
– Correct management of unexpected events
– Fulfillment of road traffic and safety objectives

– Reduction of road accidents
– Reduction of costs from potential accidents (e.g. compensation, hospital care, vehicle maintenance)
– Increased competitive advantage
– Ensuring customer confidence
– Enforcement of Road Safety Management legislation

ISO 39001 – Road Safety Management System specifies the requirements of road safety management and is applied by companies interacting with the road safety sector with the main objective being the reduction of road accidents related to the scope of the business. It also aims to improve the organization’s activities related to road safety (movement of personnel, transport of products, etc.) and encourages the application of the Road Traffic Code and relevant legislation. It is compatible with ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015 and ISO 45001:2018 standards and its requirements can be integrated into a common Management System. The standard is addressed to logistics/transport companies, roadside assistance companies, companies with a fleet of vehicles – bus companies, urban transport companies, industries/manufactures, Super Markets, courier companies, highway/freeway operators, taxi companies, tourism companies or companies in general that own vehicles (passenger cars, commercial vehicles, trucks, project machinery, etc.) or use them for their business.
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