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Inspection & Certificate Issuance

Inspection & Certificate Issuance

The certification process of Management Systems is simple and compatible with almost all management systems developed in accordance with the requirements of ISO standards such as ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001, ISO 27001, ISO 22301, etc.

• The Application to AXIA CERT. This is done by completing the Application Form for the desired standard. The application form is available on our website. The application provides information about your organization so that we can accurately determine the scope of certification and the duration of the assessment.
• The Assessment of the Management System. This is carried out by AXIA CERT in relation to the specific requirements of the standard you have chosen. This consists of two mandatory visits that constitute the initial certification. The initial assessment is conducted in two stages, as explained below. Keep in mind that you must be able to prove that your management system has been fully operational for at least three months and has undergone a full cycle of internal audits.
• The Certification. The certificate is issued by AXIA CERT after the successful completion of the stage 2 assessment. The certification is maintained through a program of annual supervisory inspections. Each Certificate is valid for three years. Upon completion of each three-year cycle, a recertification assessment is conducted, and a new three-year cycle begins.
The purpose of the inspection during Stage 1 is for AXIA CERT to verify that the Organization is ready for a full evaluation.
During Stage 1, the AXIA CERT evaluator:
• confirms that the management system complies with standard requirements • verifies the degree of implementation within the Organization
• confirms the subject of the certification
• checks compliance with legislation
• compiles an inspection report mentioning any non-compliances or opportunities for improvement and agrees with Management on the corrective actions to be taken
• prepares an inspection schedule for Stage 2 of the evaluation and confirms the date of its implementation.

The purpose of the inspection during Stage 2 is to confirm that the management system is implemented and fully complies with the standard requirements.
During Stage 2, the AXIA CERT evaluator:
• conducts random checks of the processes and activities defined in the certification field
• documents the compliance of the management system with the standard using objective evidence
• reports and records any non-compliances or opportunities for improvement
• prepares a supervision schedule and agrees on the date for the first annual supervision inspection.
If the evaluator identifies any significant deviations and non-compliances, the Certificate cannot be issued until corrective measures are taken to lift the non-compliances. Accreditation requirements dictate that if lifting the non-compliances is not completed within 6 months, certification cannot be proposed without further Stage 2 evaluation.

Supervisory inspections are conducted periodically to ensure compliance with the chosen standard is maintained throughout the three-year certification cycle.
The frequency and duration of supervisory inspections depend on factors such as: • size and structure of the Organization • complexity and riskiness of activities • number of management system standards the Organization has chosen to be certified against

For more information or clarifications regarding the certification process, please contact us.

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