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ISO 27001

ISO 27001

ISO 27001

//Information Security Management System

ISO 27001
ISO 27001

Certification by AXIA CERT

ISO/IEC 27001, is an international standard, which defines the requirements for the development of an Information Security Management System. The standard is certified by Independent Accredited Management System Certification Bodies, such as AXIA CERT. It can be integrated with other management systems of the organization (ISO 9001, ISO 14001, etc.) thus avoiding repetitive and unnecessary costs. This certification enables the company to protect its valuable assets, which contain information, regardless of the Business Sector it operates in.

Some of the benefits that an organization can gain are the following:
– Gains the trust of its customers
– it reduces security breaching incidents and therefore increases its credibility
– Secures its goods and assets from degradation, loss, damage, theft or compensation
– Improves its public image
– Complies with relevant legislation (e.g. Personal Data Act)
– Provides added VALUE to the organization and thus gains a competitive advantage
– Has access to markets and customers that require high levels of security from their partners (defense, international organizations)
– It ensures the immediate recovery and operation of the organization in case of a large-scale disaster.

What is ISO/IEC 27001 “Information Technology – Security Techniques –  Information Security Management Systems – Requirements”?

It is an internationally recognized standard. It is intended to guide any type of organization/business that manages information, to develop, install, maintain and improve a documented operating system based on its needs.

The main objective of the ISO/IEC 27001 standard is to guide companies in the effective management of their security and to ensure, through appropriate procedures and controls, the confidentiality, integrity and availability of information, thus protecting their data and at the same time their reputation and credibility.

– General Information Security The concept of Information Security has gained great dimensions in recent years. Until now, companies have only considered important and protected information of an economic nature or related to an industrial product patent. The rapid evolution of the technological environment has made necessary, the need for digital protection and  defense against cyber attacks. Our digital life can only run smoothly if there is digital trust.

The European Commission’s new strategy highlights the importance of adopting and implementing appropriate security frameworks and practices, such as ISO/IEC 27001. Practices refer to the safeguards and measures deemed necessary to protect systems, information and their users, including preparedness to manage security incidents and the impact they may cause.

– How Information Security is achieved Perhaps the most valuable asset of any organization is Information as an asset and must be protected appropriately. Information security is not only about shielding the organization’s Information System from threats. Information Security is about what you do, what you say, where and when. Information can be:

1. Printed or recorded on paper
2. Printed or stored on paper or paper; stored on a CD, computer, server, flash, smartphone or other electronic medium
3. Recorded on video, photo, DVD or other audiovisual media
4. Oral transmitted by conversation

The development and implementation of an Information Security Management System (ISMS) ensures that risks are identified and controlled and that the security objectives set by the organization are met. Information Security Management is based on the principles of:

– Confidentiality. Ensure that only those who are appropriately authorized have access to information
– Integrity. It ensures the accuracy and completeness of the Information during its processing. Information is stored, processed, transmitted, modified or destroyed only by persons authorized by the organization
– Availability. It shall be ensured that Information is accessible to authorized users when required

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